• How do I make sure my clothes stay longer when I buy them?
  • Should I take any clothes to the dry cleaners?
  • At what temperature should I iron my shirts?

Learn how to read labels and symbols to make your clothes look the best when you wear them.


Dry Cleaning a Symbols:

Apartments a represent dry cleaning.

The symbol a allows all solvents to dry-clean.

Dry Cleaning P Symbols:

  • Empty Circle and apartments with P are dry cleaning.
  • Tetrachoroethylene and monoflortriclormethane are used for dry cleaning with all solvents that are bereated with the P symbol.
  • Normal cleaning is performed without restriction.
  • Single Line is light for gentle Laundry.
  • The Dual Line indicates mechanical motion for very precise laundry.

Dry Cleaning F Symbols:

  • Used in conjunction with all solvents that are bereated with the symbol F.
  • Normal cleaning is performed without restriction.
  • Single Line shows light operation for Precision Laundry. No mechanical movement is applied and no temperature is raised without water added.
  • On automatic service type machines, no cleaning is performed.
  • Double line very delicate laundry is only cleaned with solvent TE hold.

Dry Cleaning W Symbols:

  • W symbol is used only in conjunction with the specified solvents W.
  • It is only washed with special medications applied to modified water.
  • Single Line is washed with hand wash sensitivity on special machines with low mechanical movement. The temperature is not raised. Medium tightening speed is used.
  • Double-line very delicate laundry only in cold water, keeping laundry in water without mechanical movement. Low tightening speed is used.

Dry Cleaning X Symbols:

  • The X mark in the circle means that dry cleaning is not possible.
  • Stains are not allowed to be removed with solvents.

Hand Wash

The hand wash symbol is quite descriptive. Is there a hand in a bucket? Hand wash. After you have washed your garment successfully, check the “tightening or tightening” symbol on the label. If a wrapped item is shown, you can tighten it. Of course, do not tighten if it has a cross printed with an ‘x’.

Washing machine

Laundry Symbols:

  • The hollow wash symbol indicates washing with cold water.
  • Shows the maximum temperature values based on the number or point contained in the wash symbols, which contain numbers or dots.

Laundry Underline Symbols:

  • A single line refers to delicate (delicate) laundry. If there are no numbers in the laundry, it is washed in cold water. Light mechanical application. The tightening speed is low.
  • Double Line is used for very delicate laundry. Cleaning is carried out with cold water standby management. No mechanical movement is applied. As soon as the tightening process is applied, it is left to dry.

Hand wash or non-washable Symbols:

  • The symbol with the hand inside can be hand washed by gentle movements with water, detergent or soap.
  • It is not possible to perform any washing without damage to the laundry marked X, this symbol is usually found on clothes with dry cleaning foreseen and followed by dry cleaning symbols.


If you see an iron on the label, it means it is safe to iron your garment. It's okay to go over wrinkles with your iron! If you have a dot in the middle of your iron, this indicates the degree of temperature you need to iron your garment for the best result.

1 points = sensitive products at low temperature,

2 points = Medium temperature synthetic products (silk, nylon),

3 dots = cotton and linen at high temperature.

In fact, the more delicate the fabric, the lower the temperature of the iron.

If the iron has two straight lines from the bottom, this means that you must use steam for the best result (if an "x" comes to the same symbol = no steam ironing). However, if the entire iron contains an ‘x’, the garment must not be ironed.

Iron Symbols:

  • the empty ironing icon indicates that your laundry can be ironed.
  • the number of points from the iron icons with dots indicates the ratio of the temperature.
  • single point: low heat
  • two points: medium heat
  • endpoint: high heat

Iron Symbols:

  • The iron icon with an X indicates that the laundry cannot be ironed.
  • The marking X on the steam part underneath indicates that the laundry can be ironed, but no steam should be used.

Bleach Usage

Bleach Symbols:

  • all bleaching products are available with hollow triangles.
  • The triangle with the word CL can be bleated using Chlorine.
  • The triangle with horizontal lines can be bleaked without using Chlorine.
  • A full, empty triangle with an X means no bleaching can be done with any product or method.


The final phase of the process – that is, folding, moving and placing or hanging...

If you want to know how to dry your clothes the best, check the apartment in the box in the instructions. It's safe to dry if it's empty. The points inside the circle indicate the temperature you need to use.

1 dots = low temperature, 2 dots = medium temperature, 3 dots = high temperature.

If there is a line underneath, dry without heat for sensitive clothing. If you see a circle with an ‘x’ cross in it, the dryer must be stationary on the machine. Hanging these clothes dry is the safest way to avoid deformation.

Machine drying Symbols:

  • The square X means that machine drying cannot be done.
  • hollow circle indicates machine drying is possible.
  • circles with dots inside represent temperatures in the machine dryer.
  • single point: low temperature
  • two points: medium temperature
  • endpoint: high temperature

Machine drying Symbols:

A single line below the circle within the square indicates that the laundry is delicate and requires gentle drying.

The double line indicates that very delicate laundry must be dried with low heat over a long period of time.

Manual drying Symbols:

  • it means that you can dry without a square machine by yourself.
  • Square symbol with an X means that drying is not possible.

Manual drying Symbols:

  • the 2-line symbol on the left indicates the installation in the shade.
  • the symbol with 2 stripes from the left and a horizontal stripe from the top, hangs in the shade to indicate drying.
  • symbol with elliptical stripe on top symbolizes drying by hanging in the sun

Manual drying Symbols:

  • the horizontal line within the square indicates the spread dry of the laundry.
  • vertical lines within the square indicate dripping (gliding) the laundry.



If the garment is not too dirty, ventilation and brushing may be sufficient. This saves energy and allows your clothes to last longer.



Using detergent with an ecology label will help the environment. Try not to use more detergent on the bottle than recommended. Using too much detergent can cause stains on clothing and skin problems.


Using a softener is an unnecessary waste and can cause a lot of environmental damage.


Use bleach in cold water for up to an hour. Do not use iron, bronze or steel containers.


Don't forget to comply BLEACH

Use bleach in cold water for up to an hour. Do not use iron, bronze or steel containeetely dissolve the detergent before you add it to the laundry. Separate the clothes in the first few washings as the water can be colored.


Use the washing machine at full capacity. It is recommended to use a program that uses less energy when doing a small amount of laundry. A program like this is available in most modern washing machines. Don't forget to empty the pockets.


Always observe the specified washing machine temperature. colored laundry that needs to be washed at 60 degrees celsius can be colored at 40 degrees or hand-washed. It's not always better to wash at low temperatures.


It is recommended that you centrifugate clothes thoroughly before drying them. Remember, it's best to dry clothes outdoors. However, try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight to prevent their colors from fading


Sort your clothes according to the temperature level indicated on the label and start with the need to iron at low temperature. It would be better if the clothes were a little damp when they were being ironed. When finished, use a damp cloth to remove any residues that have been stuck to the iron before it has dried up.


Forgive the organizations that distribute clothes that you do not use to those in need. This will extend the life of your clothes.


Denim takes its appearance from the colorization technique that emits small pigments that can flow during washing. Wash the jeans by turning them inside out so they don't lose their color, which prevents white stains from forming on the floor


Place tennis balls in the washing machine to ensure even distribution of the fill.


Thick knit clothing must be wrapped in a towel and dried horizontally to prevent them from losing their original shape.


Water-repellent clothing can be dried by hand. If you prefer to put it in the washing machine, always remember to use a very low temperature.



If it is washed at a very high temperature, it will be deformed if it is drained by hanging. Provides good thermal insulation. Tends to pinch and hug.


It takes when washed at a very high temperature. If it is iron-resistant and colorful, it must be washed separately when first washed. Cool, flexible and highly durable. He's prone to wrinkles.


Always wash at low temperature, hand and centrifugal. Iron resistant. It's cool and its touch is sweet and not dirty.


Do not wash or centrifugate at high temperatures. Steam should be ironed without use and at a low temperature. Strong, light, sweet touch and easy color-free. Narindir. Professional maintenance is required for stubborn stains.


It should not be centrifugated to prevent it from losing its form. They have a silky touch, and they don't color easily. They have low durability when wet, they burn easily and tend to static electricity.


It is heat sensitive, should be washed in warm water and ironed at a low temperature without using steam. They're very tough, they don't crumble easily and they don't color easily. They burn easily and tend to static electricity.



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